Why You Might Want To Send Your Son To An All Boy's School

8 December 2015
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There is a growing body of research that has found that boys learn differently from girls. Therefore, if your son has been struggling in a co-ed school, you may want to consider sending your boy to a school for boys. These schools focus on preparing boys for one of the several routes into manhood.

Boys Learn Differently

Part of the reason why co-ed schools often fail boys is because boys are hardwired to learn using visuals and movement more than with simply words. While girls may be perfectly fine reading a book, boys tend to learn better when building, repairing and performing other tasks that require movement.

Boys tend to perform better in schools for boys because the schools are tailored toward how boys learn. Boys in co-ed schools often struggle with reading and writing. Boys are held to high expectations, with competition being encouraged. However, boys are also encouraged to develop relationships.

Boys Are Less Intimidated

Important skills are cultivated in boys, such as leadership and self-confidence through training and community service programs. Boys tend to enjoy different activities than girls, so the school does not have to focus on activities that are designed to cater to both genders. Also, when a boy is interested in an activity that is traditionally associated with girls, he is less likely to feel intimidated toward a classroom full of girls and believe that he does not belong.

Boys Don't Try To Impress The Girls

Boys are less motivated to try to impress girls in all-boy schools. This allows for boys to focus more on scholastic achievement. Boys are also more free to be themselves and are less likely to try to conform. Boys are less likely to fight in competition for girls or to bully each other in order to impress a girl. This helps cultivate individuality. Also, since boys tend to grow up more slowly than girls, they are given more time to be boys.

Boys Can Receive More Courses They Are Interested In

Less often are boys intimidated by courses that focus heavily on technology. For this reason, schools can focus more on a technological curriculum without having to worry about engaging students. Boys are also more likely to show an interest in non-traditional subjects, such as the construction of a radio. By spending more time on subjects boys are interested in, they are more likely to be successful. Click here for more information on private high schools in your area.