Six Key Study Tips For Students At The Middle School Level

7 July 2019
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Middle school is often a time in one's academic career when things first start to get a little more challenging. However, there are a lot of things students can do when they're getting into their middle school years to maximize their chances for success.

The following are six key study tips students at the middle school education level should be keeping mind:

Learn to ask for help when you need it

By the middle school level, students need to have learned to speak up when they are uncertain about a particular topic or issue.

Middle school level subjects reach a complexity where students could quite clearly need clarification and not understand fully a teacher's original explanation. Students will be more successful when they are confident and outgoing enough to ask questions and seek out help to better understand a topic.

Make studying and completing assignments a social thing

At the middle school level, students tend to place increasing value on their relationships with peers and fellow students.

When students make studying and completing assignments a social endeavor, they often stay more engaged with their schoolwork, and in many cases benefit from a competitive camaraderie with others in their classes.  

Don't rely solely on study guides given by teachers

Because middle school level tests often involve an increasingly large expanse of information, teachers at this level generally start giving out study guides for test preparation.

While study guides can be helpful, students should avoid relying on them solely when studying. It's best if students get in the habit of creating their own personal study guides that focus specifically on the issues they struggle with or teachers stressed during lectures. 

Learn to prepare in advance

One of the bad habits that's most important to get rid of in middle school is the habit of procrastination. Students should learn to manage their time well and prepare in advance for success both in middle school and later in life. 

Get organized with a planner

Another habit it's important to acquire during the middle school years is the habit of being organized.

Students should ideally learn to keep a planner during the middle school years that will help them to manage numerous commitments at once, and make it so that they don't overlook any of their various commitments. 

Start trying to pinpoint an academic focus

While it's of course not absolutely necessary for students to determine their academic focus by the time they reach high school, it's nevertheless a good idea for students to start looking to the future during their middle school years.

The middle school years are a good time for students to narrow down their interests and start thinking about what subjects they may want to start zeroing in on once they reach high school.